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Sustainability is in everything we do.

From day one, our aim was to focus on human and ensure a sustainable future for all.
In accordance with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development determined by the United Nations,
we chose responsible consumption and production as our starting point.

Responsible Production

Responsible production requires looking out for fair trade practices along with using organic, recycled or upcycled materials.

As we grow, our mission is to push harder for creating more sustainable practices in our production, from distribution process to packaging.

Why organic?

The conventional clothing industry is a very nasty business. It is the second largest polluter in the world second only to oil.

Fast fashion leaves behind an enormous environmental footprint due to the chemicals and hazardous synthetic pesticides.

Organic production removes the toxic impact out of cotton. Working with most strict certifications in the industry, we ensure these words are not hot air.

Why limited?

We stand against mass production that supports excessive consumption. Fast fashion brands offer trend-based, low-priced single season products. Constantly changing trends and low-priced products lead people to purchase more than their needs.

We embrace slow fashion and produce long-lasting garments that are in touch with nature. All of our items are produced in limited numbers.

Fashion Revolution

We advocate the ‘Fashion Revolution’, a global movement on responsible consumption and production. As a part of this movement, we framed our brand since day one with the concepts of transparent production, responsible consumption and ethical trade.

As a result, we decided to write a story for each of the products we design, with the help of the people who are a part of this story.

Responsible Consumption

The concept of ‘Responsible Consumption’, which benefits the people themselves, the society and the environment –or at least harms them less-, is one of the main principles of our brand.

With this in mind , with our understanding of design which presents a different place and a role for people in the production and consumption cycle, we invite you to become a part of this responsible consumption process.




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