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  • Limited Edition Of: 100
  • Collection: SOLIDARITY


Sustainably produced in Turkey SEE THE FACTORY

Made to last if you take care of it well SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS

Hello at reflect if you have any questions · hello@reflect.ist


Name: Eligül
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Closed area: 6000m2
Established: 1984
Located in Istanbul, Eligul currently makes the organic socks in our Solidarity collection. From the very
first day we formed a transparent and honest relationship with the owner of the factory, Erhan Eligul.
Because we embrace small badge production, we struggled a lot to find a factory to meet their
minimum order quantity. We looked up to GOTS Producer Database and literally sent mail to over 100
producers. Only Erhan Eligül responded us.
He believes in our values and sustainable future. His factory uses the most effcient, eco-friendly and
pro-social technologies and practices. Their management aims to minimize the environmental impact
of all their activities. They are also motivated to provide continuous education to build up
environmental awareness among their employees.


Name: Mayteks
Location: Izmir, Turkey
Number of employees: 500
Closed area: 40.000m2
Established: 1898
Located in Turkey’s Aegean, historical city İzmir. A decent family business with hundreds years of
experience operated by Antebi family who are eager to create sustainable and conscious practices in
their whole production process.

Mayteks focuses on new solutions and materials to cultivate ever-growing sustainable qualities.
Organic cotton have been one of their strength within sustainable standards. Mayteks have been
producing GOTS certified fabrics since their conscious line was first issued in 2001. Each year, they
are increasing production outcomes for organic cotton blended fabrics.

Their last addition to sustainable products range is recycled polyester. Since 2015, Mayteks have been
certified for recycled pes and their collaboration with one of the best suppliers in Turkey results in new
blends and qualities.




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